Rare Skin Rash | Vytex Natural Rubber Latex

Rare Skin Rash

If you notice a rare skin rash that has not been there before, it may be caused from a latex product you come into contact with throughout the day. Over the past two decades demand has grown dramatically for products manufactured with natural rubber latex that does not cause allergic reactions. This demand has grown because more and more allergy sufferers are realizing latex is the cause of their skin rash.

Commercially available, Vytex NRL is a revolutionary new raw material that can be used in a wide array of product applications. It establishes a new standard for of natural rubber latex that has significantly reduced levels antigenic protein. Vytex NRL is the result of years of research and testing to develop a natural rubber latex without the problem of antigenic proteins causing allergic reactions.

This commitment in providing a new standard for natural rubber latex helps those who suffer from a rare skin rash that is caused from contact with common latex products.

If you suffer from a rare skin rash and would like to learn more about Vytex, please contact us.