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Organic Mattress

My husband suffers from latex allergies. I understand that latex can be found in the makeup of certain mattresses. Would purchasing an organic mattress help him as he is now waking up with skin discoloration and watery eyes?

Organic mattresses are manufactured using a specific processinvolving few if any chemicals which can help individuals who are sensitive to specific chemicals. These mattresses are often times made of cotton or felt and are typically manufactured in isolation so that there is no risk of contamination.

We also recommend looking for the “Vytex┬« NRL” logo when searching for a mattress for you and your husband. Vytex Natural Rubber Latex (NRL) is an innovative latex material with significantly reduced levels of the potentially allergy-causing proteins commonly found in natural rubber latex. Mattresses manufactured using Vytex NRL can help lower the chances of your husband waking up with latex related allergies.

For more information on allergies, visit the American Academy of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology website. For further information on Vytex NRL or to find products made with Vytex NRL.