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Natural Rubber Latex Gloves

I am required to wear natural rubber latex gloves every day on my job. I have recently been experiencing dry, itchy hands and wrists. Could I be having an allergic reaction to these gloves? If so, what should I do?

Constant contact with natural rubber latex (NRL) such as the gloves you wear at work can cause allergic reactions if you suffer from a high level of sensitivity to latex. The symptoms you are experiencing may be a latex allergy or could be caused by a reaction to the chemicals used to produce the gloves.

Beyond dry, itchy hands, you could begin experiencing other symptoms including hives, watery eyes and shortness of breath just to name a few. The only way to be sure is to contact your physician or healthcare provider about your symptoms.
Vytex® NRL is an innovative latex material with significantly reduced levels of the allergy-causing proteins commonly found in natural rubber latex that are found in the gloves you wear to work every day. This development means that latex gloves can be manufactured with this new material and retain all of the desirable qualities of latex – including tensile strength, elasticity, comfort and fit – with the added benefit of significantly reduced antigenic protein levels. These reduced levels decrease the risk of developing allergic reactions to latex.

If you believe you suffer from allergy caused by wearing natural rubber latex gloves, contact your physician or healthcare provider about your concerns and consider being tested for latex allergy. For more information on allergies, visit the American Academy of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology website. For further information on Vytex NRL or to find products made with Vytex NRL, sign up for our newsletter or contact us. We also recommend looking for the “Vytex® NRL” logo for a better latex with significantly reduced antigenic protein levels.