Napkin Allergy | Vytex Natural Rubber Latex

Napkin Allergy

Much like the straps found around paper money, the same adhesives are used in the straps that wrap your napkin around your silverware at restaurants. Many people think they have a “napkin allergy”, but what they are allergic to is really the adhesive found in the strap wrapping the napkin. This adhesive contains latex.

At Vystar, our goal is to provide a healthy solution for the millions of people who rely on natural rubber latex products each day such as the adhesives found in the strap around your restaurant napkins. We created Vytex® Natural Rubber Latex (NRL), an all-natural, renewable resource that is biodegradable and contains no known or suspected human carcinogens. It was designed as a “drop in” material and integrates seamlessly into manufacturing operations that currently use NRL or synthetic substitutes without additional capital investment or equipment. This development means that the adhesives found in the straps around your napkin can be manufactured with this new material and retain all of the desirable qualities of latex, with the added benefit of substantially reduced protein levels. These reduced levels substantially decrease the risk of developing allergic reactions to latex.

If you think you have a “napkin allergy” and have experienced an allergic reaction due to the contact you have had with various adhesives, contact us or contact your physician about your concerns and consider being tested for latex allergy.