Latex Rubber Pillows | Vytex Natural Rubber Latex

Latex Foam Products

Latex foam products are commonly used in pillow, bedding, sofa cushioning and mattress products. But these products can also cause reactions in those who suffer from high sensitivity or allergy to latex. Foams used in these bedding and other products can be the source of various latex allergies for thousands of people.

Vytex┬« Natural Rubber Latex (NRL) is a revolutionary new form of latex that has been produced using a patented process and uses “green” chemistry to reduce the antigenic proteins in latex to virtually undetectable levels. Because a significant portion of the antigenic proteins are removed during processing, manufacturers can easily incorporate Vytex NRL into any latex or synthetic production operation. This provides a superior material without significant added expense and offers a compelling consumer benefit and a unique and powerful point of differentiation.

If you or someone you know are frequently in contact with latex foam products and would like to learn more about the role Vytex is playing to help latex allergy sufferers, please contact us.