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Latex Products

With over 40,000 latex applications on the market, we are committed to making available the very best latex product users can expect. Regardless of application, we want to welcome you to the future of latex ? Vytex Natural Rubber Latex (NRL).

Now available for commercial use, Vytex NRL is a raw material that has considerably lowered the levels of antigenic proteins commonly found in latex products. By lowering these levels of antigenic protein, we feel we have reduced the risk of allergies and irritations most commonly associated with latex products.

During the manufacturing process, Vytex NRL is applied in the liquid phase to lower the levels of antigenic proteins prior to the latex being dipped and compounded. By doing this step in this particular stage of processing, Vytex NRL does not lose any positive attributes of natural rubber latex. Essentially we feel we have lowered the risk of harmful side effects products made with Vytex NRL may cause, without sacrificing the quality of the latex products. Vytex NRL will still retain the positive benefits of latex, including superior barrier protection, tensile strength, tactile sensitivity, comfort, elasticity, memory and fit when used in gloves. Furthermore, frequent testing indicates that Vytex NRL products demonstrate better resistance to aging when compared to products made from Hevea natural rubber latex.

Our goal is to provide a healthy solution for the thousands of uses of latex products. To learn more about Vytex NRL, please visit