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Latex Irritation

Suffering from latex irritation is a common problem, but there is a forthcoming solution. Vystar Corp. has developed a revolutionary new product to help latex allergy sufferers called Vytex NRL. Vytex NRL is a patented specialty chemical that virtually eliminates the allergy-causing proteins found in latex and could prevent allergies from developing. By lowering these unwarranted impurities, we have not sacrificed the positive characteristics of latex, including superior barrier protection, tactile sensitivity, comfort, elasticity and fit.

If you are one of many who suffer from some form of latex irritation, it is important to identify where the irritation is coming from. There are more than 40,000 products that contain latex including balloons, condoms, surgical and exam gloves, pacifiers, baby toys, elastic threads in undergarments and adhesive bandages.

To learn more about how your product could use Vytex NRL or more about latex irritation, please contact us.