Latex Balloon Allergy | Vytex Natural Rubber Latex

Latex Balloon Allergy

If you are one of many who suffer from a latex balloon allergy, there is a forthcoming solution. Vystar Corporation created Vytex® Natural Rubber Latex (NRL) because the world needs better latex products such as the balloons, condoms, and pacifiers.

There are roughly 40,000 products made from latex. The chances of coming into contact with a product made from latex, such as balloons, are very high. There are many myths when it comes to latex allergy, but the fact is there are certain antigenic proteins in natural rubber latex, that trigger allergies. These proteins can be removed to create a durable, elastic latex that is acceptable by industry standards. Look for natural rubber latex products carrying the “Vytex® NRL” logo for a better latex with greatly reduced protein levels.

If you or someone you know suffers from latex allergies, contact your physician about your concerns and consider being tested for latex allergy.