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Latex Area Rug

there are roughly 40,000 products that contain latex. Some of those products include balloons, condoms, baby toys, gloves and even the backing of household rugs. Repeated exposure to latex area rugs can cause allergic reactions, such as sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, and irritated skin. If you have tried treating other causes of allergies such as dust or pollen but still have allergy symptoms, you could be allergic to natural rubber latex (NRL).

Standard NRL contains 13 known allergens, which are naturally-occurring antigenic proteins. These can cause an allergic response similar to other plant-based products such as peanuts, and consumer groups have called for warning labels on packages and products that contain NRL.

Vytex® Natural Rubber Latex is an eco-friendly latex material that significantly reduces the antigenic proteins found in traditional rubber latex. Vytex NRL can be used in any manufacturing environment that currently uses traditional NRL or synthetic substitutes without adding to the cost of manufacturing. Because of the advanced science that goes into reducing antigenic proteins, however, products manufactured with Vytex NRL will command a premium price compared to traditional natural rubber latex.

If you have experienced a latex reaction from area rugs in your house or if you would like to learn more about the role Vytex is playing to help latex allergy sufferers, please contact us.