How to Treat Skin Irritation, Latex Allergy | Vytex Natural Rubber Latex

Irritation of the Skin

How to treat skin irritation is a common question asked by those who suffer from various forms of skin irritations. The first step however before you treat a skin irritation is to identify the cause of the irritated area. With more than 40,000 products that contain latex, the chance your skin irritation is from a latex product is very high.

Vytex NRL is the future of latex. Repeated exposure to proteins in latex can cause an allergic reaction. Vytex NRL has significantly lowered these proteins from the makeup of latex products to help those in need of a safer, durable product. Treating skin irritations relating to latex products may simply be to use an alternative to latex products. Vytex NRL has not sacrificed the positive characteristics of latex, including superior barrier protection, tactile sensitivity, comfort, elasticity and fit.

If you would like to learn more about how your product could use Vytex NRL or more about how to treat skin irritation, please contact us.