Bra Skin Irritation | Vytex Natural Rubber Latex

Bra Skin Irritation

Many females who have experienced skin irritation are unaware that the cause of their reaction may be from their bra. Females who are highly sensitive to latex can experience severe skin irritations from the natural latex elastics in the bra. Itching, burning, dryness and skin discoloration or redness can be the result of repeated exposure to the elastic threads – sometimes made from natural rubber latex – inside their bra.

These symptoms can be signs of latex allergy. Females with latex allergies have had difficulty with finding alternatives for bras made with latex threads, but there is a forthcoming solution. Vystar® Corporation created Vytex® Natural Rubber Latex (NRL) because the world needs better latex products such as the elastic threads that are found in bras.

Vytex® NRL is an eco-friendly latex material that significantly reduces the antigenic proteins found in natural rubber latex, a key element in the elastic found in bras. Produced through a novel, patented process, Vytex NRL retains all the positive qualities of latex with virtually undetectable levels of the antigenic proteins that can cause latex allergies. This development can help those who suffer from allergies caused by contact with latex elastic threads in their bras.

If you believe you suffer from bra skin irritation, contact your physician or healthcare provider about your concerns and consider being tested for latex allergy. For more information on allergies, visit the American Academy of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology website. For further information on Vytex NRL or to find products made with Vytex NRL. We also recommend looking for the “Vytex® NRL” logo for a better latex with significantly reduced antigenic protein levels.