Balloon Allergy | Vytex Natural Rubber Latex

Balloon Allergy

Having a balloon allergy probably means you have a high sensitivity level to latex. If you experience watery eyes, itchy skin, sneezing, coughing, or even shortness of breath after coming into contact with balloons, you could have a latex allergy. But there is a forthcoming solution.

Vytex® Natural Rubber Latex (NRL) is an eco-friendly latex material that has virtually undetectable levels of the antigenic proteins found in NRL. Produced through a novel, patented process, Vytex NRL retains all the positive qualities of latex ? including barrier protection, tensile strength, elasticity, comfort and fit ? with virtually undetectable levels of the antigenic proteins that can cause latex allergies. The advantages of Vytex NRL include:

  • Retains all the desired characteristics of NRL
  • Reduces probability of developing latex allergies in non-sensitized individuals
  • Use as a standard NRL source material
  • Can replace traditional NRL in virtually any manufacturing environment
  • Considered safe for use by individuals who are not latex-sensitive

If you or someone you know is allergic to latex or have a ?balloon allergy?, contact your physician about your concerns and consider being tested for latex allergy.