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Allergic to Latex Condoms

Being allergic to latex condoms is a common problem, but there is a forthcoming solution. Vystar Corp. has developed a revolutionary new product to help latex allergy sufferers called Vytex NRL. Vytex NRL is the future of latex; it is a patented specialty chemical that virtually eliminates the allergy-causing proteins found in latex and could prevent allergies from developing. These allergy-causing properties are what lead to skin irritations or allergies attributed to condom usage.

Being allergic to latex condoms is a growing problem, and those who are allergic to latex condoms could also be allergic to other products that contain latex. Repeated exposure to proteins in latex can cause an allergic reaction. Vytex NRL has significantly lowered these proteins from the makeup of latex products to help those in need of a safer, durable product.

The application of Vytex NRL is applied during a specific phase of the manufacturing process, allowing the product to keep the beneficial characteristics of latex, including superior barrier protection, tactile sensitivity, comfort, elasticity and fit.

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