Allergic to Balloons | Vytex Natural Rubber Latex

Allergic to Balloons

Many children and adults are allergic to balloons but are unaware that the latex in balloons is the source of their allergic reactions. From coughing and sneezing to watery eyes and shortness of breath, symptoms are easy to detect, but the source of these reactions can be difficult to identify.

Vystar Corporation created Vytex® Natural Rubber Latex (NRL) because the world needs better latex products such as balloons. Vystar’s research team devoted more than seven years to finding a way to significantly reduce the allergy-causing proteins typically found in traditional natural rubber latex. This process uses the same chemical compound that has been accepted for use in water purification. This development means that balloons can be manufactured with this new material and retain all of the desirable qualities of latex, with the added benefit of substantially reduced protein levels. These reduced levels substantially decrease the risk of developing allergic reactions to latex.

If you or someone you know suffers from latex allergies, contact your physician about your concerns and consider being tested for latex allergy.