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Allergies To Latex Condoms

Allergies to latex condoms are more common than most people think. Repeated or prolonged exposure to latex can cause many reactions including itching, dryness and rashes. Most men and women suffer in silence because they are typically unaware of what is causing the irritation.

If you are a latex allergy sufferer and use condoms on a regular basis, you may be allergic to latex condoms. Vytex NRL is a raw material that has considerably lowered the levels of antigenic proteins commonly found in latex products such as condoms. By lowering these levels of antigenic protein, we feel we have reduced the risk of allergies and irritations most commonly associated with latex condom use.

During the manufacturing process, Vytex NRL is applied in the liquid phase to lower the levels of antigenic proteins prior to the latex being dipped and compounded. By doing this step in this particular stage of processing, Vytex NRL does not lose any positive attributes of natural rubber latex. Essentially we feel we have lowered the risk of harmful side effects products made with Vytex NRL may cause, without sacrificing the quality of the latex products. If you have any questions about allergies to latex condoms and how Vytex NRL can help, please contact us.

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