Vystar Acquires Fluid Energy Conversion Technology Assets, Expands Reach Into New Vertical Markets

Published on : 05-28-2019

  • Vystar plans to apply Fluid Energy Conversion (FEC) technology to increase pathogen killing efficiency, reduce size and cost of Vystar’s RxAir air purifiers.
  • FEC technology expected to be used to negate viruses and bacteria using sound energy in a highly proprietary manner.
  • Vystar plans to apply FEC technology to vape pens to improve substance delivery and control dosage.
  • Fluid Energy Conversion technology offers numerous eco-friendly product initiatives already in development in metering, energy, water purification, and medical uses.
WORCESTER, Mass., May 28, 2019 – Vystar Corp. (OTC Market: VYST), the creator of Vytex deproteinized natural rubber latex and developer of environmentally friendly technologies and products, announced today that its Board of Directors has ratified a definitive agreement (the Transaction) to acquire Fluid Energy Conversion, Inc. (FEC). FEC is a global green energy company whose patented and proprietary technologies harness sound energy in unique ways to destroy bacteria and viruses, improve water processing and irrigation, and enhance chemical reactions. Under the terms of the agreement, Vystar will acquire 100% of assets of Fluid Energy Conversion Inc., primarily consisting of its patent on the Hughes Reactor, for $100,000 in restricted common stock (2,500,000 Shares) of Vystar. All stock will be restricted and subject to a lock-up. The Vystar board of directors has unanimously approved the Transaction, which was previously approved by majority shareholder consent. “Fluid Energy Conversion has multiple R&D initiatives relating to environmentally friendly product development and distribution that has the potential to revolutionize multiple industries and substantially improve our RxAir air purification systems which we anticipate will catapult it to lead the competition,” stated Steve Rotman, CEO of Vystar. “Vystar anticipates testing of the prototype in the current quarter for Adapting Fluid Energy Conversion technology to enhance the effectiveness of the RxAir purification system to destroy airborne pathogens while decreasing the cost and size of Vystar’s RxAir units.  The use of this patented technology is expected be a major differentiator of RxAir from the competition and is anticipated to be virtually impossible to emulate due to the patented IP.” Rotman added, “In addition, Vystar intends to pursue completion of applications and product trials already underway for the FEC technology in multiple industries. We believe this has the potential to add new revenue streams and further diversify our product offering of eco-friendly solutions.” Bryan Stone, CEO of Fluid Energy Conversion, noted, “We have married the science of sound energy, called sono-chemistry, with molecular fluid mechanics for the development of applications to more effectively kill pathogens, improve combustion efficiency, overcome the issues of hardwater mineral build up, and enhance vaporization of liquids. FEC’s science and technology has been proven in multiple studies with major corporations. Currently, FEC technology R&D is underway on the following initiatives:
  • a vape pen for more effective delivery of vaporized substances inclusive of controlling dosage, a major differentiator. According to Research and Markets, the Global E-Cigarette and Vaporizer Market is poised to grow to approximately $61.4 billion by 2025.
  • a water filtration enhancement device in prototype stage to improve dialysis efficiency for those affected by renal failure.
  • prototype stage with Vystar to be incorporated into the RxAir air purification kill chamber to more effectively destroy airborne pathogens.
Fluid Energy Conversion’s technology Nathanial Hughes, FEC’s founder and chief scientist,  pushed the envelope of fluidics and boundary layer science to develop FEC’s technology that exhibits remarkable control of molecular interactions creating an ability to control, enhance, and focus energy in flowing liquids and gases.  This conversion process can both “energize” the flow material and convert what is normal “waste energy” into usable energy. Bryan Stone, M.D., who, in addition to being CEO of FEC, currently serves as medical director for DaVita Healthcare and owner of Desert Nephrology Medical Group, has now taken the lead to complete Mr. Hughes’ work of commercializing the Hughes Reactor in the following sectors:
  • Flow Metering
  • Air processing to neutralize bacteria and viruses
  • Hard water abatement
  • Vape pen applications
  • Water processing
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