Major Latex Foam Producer Lien ‘A Partners with Vystar; CEO Invests in Vystar

Published on : 06-12-2018


ATLANTA, June 01, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Vystar Corp. (OTC:VYST), has formed a strategic partnership with Lien ‘A, pairing Vystar’s multi-patented, all-natural, virtually allergen free Vytex® latex with one of the top eco-friendly latex foam producers in Vietnam who provides natural rubber latex (NRL) products to 31 countries worldwide.  Over the past year, Lien ‘A’s CEO Lam Ngoc Minh took significant equity positions  in Vystar and NHS Holdings, LLC (NHS), Vystar’s exclusive distributor for Vytex foam, to assist in expanding Vystar’s supply chain and drive adoption of a better, cleaner material that can be used in 40,000 products.

Vystar and Lien ‘A will be exhibiting together at the Home Furnishings Manufacturing Solutions Expo, in the Georgia World Congress Center, June 7-8 in Atlanta, where they will introduce Vytex to furniture manufacturers who have been seeking sustainably sourced materials and more resilient, eco-friendly alternatives to petrochemical-based foams and traditional latex. “Minh joins a core group of Vystar investors who have invested $20 million in Vystar since inception to launch Vytex in multiple vertical markets and spur the latex and plastics industries to change to sustainably sourced, more durable and biodegradable materials,” stated William Doyle, Vystar CEO.  “We have investors from the medical industry seeking to resolve allergy issues with latex gloves, gowns and other medical products that can have life saving impact for those with latex allergies. And our newest investor is looking to do the same in bedding.” “There is a decade long strong and growing global demand for high quality, natural, eco-friendly products and Vytex is a versatile product that can fill that need,” stated Steven Rotman, CEO of NHS.  “Vytex’s all-natural, ultra low protein and ultra low nitrosamine formulations that help lessen the risk of latex-induced allergic reactions and create a safer manufacturing environment are unique in the latex industry.  They give Vytex the potential to capture a large portion of the foam mattress, pillow and home furnishing cushions market in the U.S. and abroad.  Lien ‘A’s advanced foam manufacturing processes produce a superior, high-quality Vytex foam that helps fill that demand.  Vytex is the future of foam.” Vytex and NHS are working with Lien ‘A to build and manage relationships with mattress and pillow manufacturers who will utilize Lien ‘A-produced Vytex foam cores for bedding products that will be sold by retailers throughout the Americas.  Lien ‘A and NHS have Vytex foam cores available in East and West Coast warehouses to enable fast and efficient delivery to manufacturers nationwide. “We share with Lien ‘A the same devotion to quality and the environment,” noted William Doyle, CEO of Vystar Corp. “Vytex foam is only as good as the manufacturers who create it from our raw latex, and Lien ‘A has passed our stringent quality tests with flying colors for ability to consistently meet exacting specifications for a broad array of foams. Vytex offers the eco-friendly benefits as well as being more durable, resilient, and odor-free at roughly the same cost of NRL in manufacturing ease, durability, and aging, while being better and cleaner for the environment.  Partnering with Lien ‘A will ultimately help us deliver the advantages of Vytex to more consumers.” Vytex is the only all-natural latex product with virtually all the antigenic proteins that cause latex allergies removed.  It offers an odor-free, brighter, whiter, more buoyant and stronger latex without all the chemicals and dyes in competitors’ latex products or the toxic petrochemical off-gassing, lack of durability and bacterial issues common to memory foam products.

About Lien ‘A Lien ‘A is a private company, founded by Mr. Lam Ngoc Hiep in 1966, with the motto, “freshen your living with outstanding products.”  Lien ‘A is an innovator in creating green, environmentally friendly products and has grown into one of the largest producers of natural latex mattresses in Vietnam, in addition to producing bed linens, furniture and pillows. In 2010, Lien ‘A was awarded the prestigious ECO Certificate from the ECO-INSTITUT of Cologne, Germany, and the “LGA tested quality” certificate from TUV Rheinland Products GmbH for exceeding quality standards. Lien ‘A’s three factories export to 31 countries via its worldwide warehouse distribution network.  For more information contact:

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