Steven Rotman

On December 17, 2017, Steven Rotman, age 78, was elected Chief Executive Officer and a Director of Vystar Corporation. Mr. Rotman has been President and CEO of Rotmans, one of the oldest and largest, furniture and carpet retailers in New England, for more than 40 years.  In addition, he is the founder and managing partner of NHS Holdings, a company that in 2015 became the exclusive distributor of Vytex™ natural rubber latex foam in the U.S. and laid the groundwork for Vytex’s entrance to the home furnishings industry. Mr. Rotman received a BBA degree from Clark University and an MS from New York University (use picture from management page)

Steven Rotman, was originally part of the Vystar Team through a distribution company that licensed Vytex called Natures Home Solutions. His role expanded in December 2017 as he became companies President, CEO and a member of the Board of Directors when Mr. Doyle retired.

Mr. Steven Rotman is President and CEO of Rotmans, New England’s largest furniture and carpet retailer. He holds a BBA from Clark University and an MS in Business from New York University. He was a Lieutenant Commander in the United States Coast Guard Reserve.

Steven was a member of the Executive Board of the National Home Furnishings Association (NHFA). He was a past president of the New England Chapter of the NHFA. He was also the recipient of the Home Furnishing Association’s Eastern Region

Retailer of the Year and the NHFA Retailer of the Year Award, as well as several other industry awards and certificates. Steven was Chairman of The Board of the Furniture First Buying Association, a group of hundreds of retailers throughout the United States.

Steven is one of the foremost collectors in the United States, specializing in a Visual History of the United States prior to 1900. He also owns one of the largest collections in the country of Paper Americana. From 1975 to 1990 he and his wife Leslie, owned Rotman Collectibles, the countries largest Sport Memorabilia Company. He was founder of the MCI National Sports Gallery in Washington D.C. Steven is also a founding board member of the Ephemera Society of America and ACE, the Alliance for Collectible Education. ACE was a charitable foundation using memorabilia to help in education. He was also founder and president of the Sports Collectibles Association International SCAI: the industry organization of Sports Collectible Dealers. He was inducted into the American Antiquarian Society in 1984.

Steven is very active in Community Services and is on the Boards of many organizations. He has won several awards and certificates including the David G. Palmgren Outstanding Business Leader Award from the Central Mass Housing Alliance.

Steve is the managing partner in NHS Natures Home Solutions LLC, a company that specializes in Vytex latex foam distribution.