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Being Allergic To Latex Condoms

Being allergic to latex condoms is common and is something many men and women suffer from in silence everyday. Due to the sensitivity of the topic, many do not come forward to discuss their allergic reactions. There are roughly 40,000 products that contain latex and one of the most widely used products are condoms. Latex allergies are common and prolonged or repeated use of products that contain latex can cause various irritations such as itchy or dry skin and skin rashes.

Vytex NRL is the future of latex. Our patented process has lowered the levels of harmful chemicals associated with latex. By lowering these unwarranted impurities, we have not sacrificed the positive characteristics of latex, including superior barrier protection, tactile sensitivity, comfort, elasticity and fit - all synonymous with latex condoms.

The advantages of Vytex NRL include:
  • Vytex NRL can replace traditional natural rubber latex in virtually any manufacturing environment.
  • Vytex NRL retains the desired characteristics of natural rubber latex and is considered safe for use by individuals who are not natural rubber latex sensitive.
  • Vytex NRL can be adopted as a standard NRL source material due to its low antigenic proteins and the reduced probability of developing latex allergies in non-sensitized individuals.
  • In the healthcare arena, the cost of gloves made of Vytex NRL raw material will be in line with that of traditional latex surgical glove raw material and substantially less costly than most synthetic surgical gloves.
  • It is anticipated that manufacturing costs will be positively impacted due to a reduced need for post treatment - such as excessive washing, chlorination and leaching - of latex products to reduce proteins.
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