Natural rubber latex (NRL) is known to be the best material for condoms because of its superior sensitivity to touch, strength and barrier protection.

However, some condom users suffer skin irritations and other conditions due to the allergenic proteins found in natural rubber latex. To combat this, manufacturers have introduced "latex free" condoms made of synthetic substitutes.

Some of these synthetic substitutes are generally thinner and less stretchy than latex condoms, possibly making them more prone to break, and may be considerably more expensive than latex condoms. Because they are petroleum-based, they are not made from natural or renewable materials.

Condoms made with Vytex® NRL represent the best of both worlds. This new NRL product retains all the positive properties of NRL while reducing allergy-causing proteins to levels below that considered to be “acceptable” by certain industry standards.

This means that condoms made of Vytex NRL have the tactile characteristics and second skin performance of natural rubber latex along with the barrier protection, comfort, strength and unmatched elasticity so important to preventing condom failure. In addition, Vytex NRL's all-natural composition has no known human carcinogens.
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