Although many people do not acknowledge it publicly or may not even realize it, significant numbers of men and women suffer silently from condom irritation. Often, people confuse their symptoms with other health issues.

If you notice irritation, redness or itching after using a condom, you may be experiencing a sensitivity or allergic reaction to the natural rubber latex in the condom.

Because of its superior qualities, such as tactile sensitivity, strength and barrier protection, natural rubber latex has been the material of choice in condoms despite introduction of synthetic materials. However, natural rubber latex contains over 200 proteins, similar to other natural plant materials, of which 13 are suspected allergens. These proteins can cause a latex allergic reaction in some people.

Up to 3 percent of the general public is at risk for a reaction to latex products and historically, repeated exposure to certain proteins found in latex products has been found to be the underlying cause of latex allergies and skin irritation for many individuals.

You should consult your physician to confirm the source of the condom irritation.
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